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Brochure for tanning studio "Sunguest" - tanning cosmetics That'so

Brochure for tanning studio "Sunguest" - tanning cosmetics That'so

Tan studio "Sun guest"

Description of the project:
Brochure design for tan studio.

That'so Sun Makeup has launched a 6-second open-space tanning booth that leaves you totally private but unrestricted - ideal for those of us who are timid in the buff or suffer from claustrophobia. The tan's unique composition combines the tanning agent DHA with natural ingredients, eliminating that classic 'fake tan' smell. The fine tan solution particles give a light coverage and a natural looking effect rather than the ruddy tan created by some products and it even penetrates through make-up, so you can pop out during your lunch break and return sunkissed - perfect for girls on the go. Available in salons nationwide.

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