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Promo video about services provided by Van Gelder Design studio

In spite that the video is short but it's very informative...


3D design for a PassivPlusHuse - 3D exterior design and visualization

We have completed 3D design project for a PassivPlusHuse - passive house design and visualization...


Website design and development for Ahava

We have launched a website for a cosmetic company Ahava...

Corporate website for international property investment company Dom International ltd.

We have launched a website for international agency - Dom International ltd...

3D Modeling Services

Core 3D modeling is the process to develop wireframe representation of any 3 dimensional object (animated or live state) with the help of special 3D software's like MAYA, 3DS Max, AutoCAD etc . The product to be processed is called a 3D model and it can also be displayed as a 2 dimensional picture with the help of 3D rendering.

3D Models can be divided into two categories:

Solid – These models are realistic, complex to build and represent the volume of the object.
Shell - Shell Models or boundary models just represent the surface e.g. the boundary of the object. These models are easier to work and are used in industries like games and film.

Van Gelder Design offer 3D animation and 3D modeling services in the form of stunning product visualization, preview structures or prototyping. Our 3D would empower you to expand your customer’s vision about your product capability.

3D Modelling @ Van Gelder Design

Van Gelder Design provides 3D Modeling services to variety of industries for their diverse set of requirements:

  • 3D modeling various objects based on your project requirement specifications in the form of drawings, sketches, design concepts etc
  • 3D modeling images for E-com websites, internet marketing, corporate presentations etc.
  • Industry specific conceptual 3D modeling services for industrial design, architecture, interiors, furniture, etc.
  • Custom Development like order-for-a-design of complex enclosure for consumer & industrial purposes.

Van Gelder Design 3D team is powered by an extensive skill base and advanced software capabilities and we have executed 3D projects belonging to diversified set of industries. Apart from 3D Modeling software like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, we also use application components like Shaper and 3DS Max Lofter and some scene description language like POV-Ray.

Our 3D team pays attention to the finest details of a given object like shapes, texture, volume and then customizes it to stereoscopic 3D models of a specific model as per your requirement specifications.

3D advertisements by Van Gelder Design are more appealing and impressive than ordinary 2D images. 3D Models are available in a number of common native and generic file formats.