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Promo video about services provided by Van Gelder Design studio

In spite that the video is short but it's very informative...


3D design for a PassivPlusHuse - 3D exterior design and visualization

We have completed 3D design project for a PassivPlusHuse - passive house design and visualization...


Website design and development for Ahava

We have launched a website for a cosmetic company Ahava...

Corporate website for international property investment company Dom International ltd.

We have launched a website for international agency - Dom International ltd...

Brandbook design

As a rule, the first thing you hear about a company is something that you see. Brandbook takes the visual imperative seriously, clarifying concepts in a brief and concise form. Readers can go through Brandbook cover to cover, they can pick topics from a menu, or they can use it as a reference book.

Brand consistency is an important part of a unified corporate image. Following a few simple rules will contribute to your coherent corporate identity and ultimately enhance your market credibility.

The Brand Book is intended to answer any questions you may have regarding logo placement, color selection and design choices. Adherence to the simple rules outlined in the Brand Book will promote a sense of consistency across both internal and external communications.

Whenever a new document is created for internal or external viewing, employees should use the guidelines in the Brand Book to create all of the organization's communication.