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SEO process  - keywords that are likely to be used by your target customer

Some businesses have a very general market. They may be optimized to seek high search engine rankings using common general keywords and phrases. This use of very general keywords can work for sites with broad interests. For example, a magazine site, a general news site or any site using an advertising revenue model may benefit from broad optimization strategies and very general keywords.

If your website has a specific interest, reliance on very general keywords may be less effective. Use of very general keywords brings large volumes of website traffic with little benefit for your business. This is because people type in general keywords for many different reasons. They are often seeking something very different than your goods and services. They may come to your site and leave immediately. This results in low conversion rates. It is wasted effort and does not help your business grow.

In contrast: Many businesses optimize their sites with a selection of highly specific keywords. This can bring a larger number of more targeted visitors to your web site. It can be a more profitable marketing strategy.

It is wiser and more efficient to spend your marketing dollars and efforts attracting only your targeted customers; people who are interested in what you are offering.

Appropriate keyword selection:


  • Prevents you from diluting your efforts
  • Helps you receive greater return for your marketing dollars
  • Brings more targeted motivated traffic
  • Generates better quality leads and conversion rates
  • Promotes more sales and business growth