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SEO - reporting and monitoring

It is very important to have everything in place as soon as the SEO is in place to monitor the progress of your website.
Where is the point of all the research and changes if you can't see if it works?


Monitoring the progress of your website is essential. Your website needs tracking software installed to ensure not only that you can see every visit to your website, but also that you can identify trends of customers to ensure they are going where you want them to. We use a tracking system so that we can monitor this. We can not stress how important it is to monitor the progress of your website. 


Reporting is extremely useful. You should be able to see where you are on search engines without having to go and type every keyphrase one at a time into the search engines. We provide reporting on your keyphrases and whichever search engines you want. Our reporting will also monitor the progress of your website for the different keyphrases on a monthly basis so that you can see your website 'climbing' up the rankings. 


What is the point in reporting and monitoring if nothing is done with the information? The above information is used to constantly improve the efficiency of your website. We also contact you to let you know how visits, rankings and the number of enquiries can be improved.