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Promo video about services provided by Van Gelder Design studio

In spite that the video is short but it's very informative...


3D design for a PassivPlusHuse - 3D exterior design and visualization

We have completed 3D design project for a PassivPlusHuse - passive house design and visualization...


Website design and development for Ahava

We have launched a website for a cosmetic company Ahava...

Corporate website for international property investment company Dom International ltd.

We have launched a website for international agency - Dom International ltd...

Web 2.0 website design

Web 2.0 websites and applications need an uncomplicated and extremely intuitive user interface (UI). Our web design team has extensive experience of designing clean UIs which are highly task oriented. We have worked on small to large web 2.0 projects and strongly believe that a well thought out and properly researched interface works well for your web 2.0 application. Users have a high adoption rate of applications and keep coming back to them when the design is clean and navigating the application is easy.

Web 2.0 Design Standarts Followed at Van Gelder Design


  • Web 2.0 applications that we develop use AJAX not only to impart a great look and feel but also to improve the responsiveness and interactivity of the web 2.0 applications.
  • Web 2.0 products gain a clearly high adoption rate when we use intuitive and self-explanatory keyboard shortcuts.
  • User Interfaces of our web 2.0 applications have smooth transition for upgrading users to paid accounts. This raises your ROI significantly.
  • Complicated web 2.0 applications cannot list all features; we keep details in application sidebars.
  • Visual differentiation of different entities and elements using color coded lists.
  • Our web application UI design is incomplete without offering users to choose the skin of the interface.
  • We use attractive and usable help button options to get people started with your web application and to get their attention.

Partnering with web 2.0 Van Gelder Design designers, for your web 2.0 application design would always give you that edge over your competition.

So if you have a Web 2.0 Design or a Web 2.0 User Interface Design requirement, please Contact Us.